Item Unit MB104F
Max.planing width mm 400
Max.planing thickness mm 120
Max.planing depth mm 4
Min.planing length mm 180
Spindle speed r/min 6500
Feeding speed m/min 8/11
Motor power kw 2.2/220v
Overall dimensions mm 571x655x930
Net.weight kg 183

Item Unit MB106E
Max.planing width mm 600
Max.planing thickness mm 150
Max.planing depth mm 4
Spindle speed r/min 4800
Feeding speed m/min 10
Motor power kw/v 4/380
Overall dimensions mm 730x870x920

Item Unit MB160M2
Max.planing width mm 600
Max.planing depth mm 5
Range of workpiece thickness mm 7-160
Min.planing length mm 230
Spindle speed rpm 4900
Feed speed m/min 6/9
Motor power kw 5.5
Overall dimensions mm 1110x800x1133
N.W kg 550

Item Unit MB523A/524A
Max.planing width mm 300/400
Max.planing depth mm 5
Degree of inclination angle for blade hole 10°
Speed of blade carrying axle rpm 6000
Number of blades piece 3
Diameter of cutting circle of blade axle mm 75
Length of worktable mm 2000
Motor power kw 2.2
Motor speed rpm 2840
Overall dimensions mm 1900×550/635×1000
Weight kg 285/340