The Jemolimpex Kft. Has been operating since 1991 in the Hungarian market for machine tool industry, but collectively by a similar line-up has been operating successfully for more than thirty-five years together. During this period, we have acquired great experience in the field of machine tools both in Hungary and in Europe. Our main activities include repair, maintenance, and marketing of new or used equipment used metalworking machines and presses. Not only do the domestic level, but we are also present in other European countries. We work closely with the well-known and reliable European, Asian and Overseas companies, and many of them are performing official representation of Hungarian producers.

These are:

  • Bomar – bandsaw machines (Brno, Czech Republic)
  • Schuler Pressen GmbH – mechanical and hydraulic presses (Erfurt, Germany)
  • Hydraulic Ltd – hydraulic presses (Odder, Denmark)
  • Nantong Yan Machinery Co. Ltd. (Nantong, China)
  • SIMPAC Inc. mechanical and hydraulic presses (Cheongcheon-dong in South Korea

Our goal is to provide high-quality technology equipment and high-quality customer service the highest customer requirements can be met. In every order, we are planning long-term cooperation, so our company is characterized by a customer-oriented attitude. We are ready to assist our partners, and ongoing professional advice to their work.

We assist in market research and marketing to our customers for their spheres of activity in the most appropriate technological instruments to choose from. We undertake maintenance and necessary repair of used machines and presses. We provide our partners the opportunity to acquire the equipment used, and you count the purchase of new machines. In addition, we provide support in the preparation of technical documentation required for the various state-sponsored and funded to participate in tenders for the purchase of new equipment and machinery.

What kind of equipment we provide our customers and partners?

  • Edge bending
  • lathes
  • Grinders
  • milling Machine
  • machining centers
  • presses
  • band saw
  • Machine tool

Our company owns a 1680 m² modern production hall, machine repair plant and exhibition hall, and rooms with 1530 m² office building modern IT equipment engineering and technical staff for dealers.

We warmly welcome all producing companies and companies that are planning to metal cutting and stamping plant capacity to modernize.

If you have any questions about our machines and our services, call us! Please send your inquiries and we are at your disposal!