Our main profile is the trade of new machine tools, but our scope of activity also includes the sale of used metalworking machines and presses.
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Our company has been operating in the Hungarian market of the machine tool industry since 1991.


Close cooperation with many European, Asian and overseas enterprises.


Sales of new and used machines as an official representative in Hungary.

Our company

Jemolimpex Ltd has been operating on the Hungarian machine tool industry market since 1991, but our team has been successfully working together in a similar setup for more than thirty-five years. During this period, we gained a lot of experience in the field of machine tool trade in Hungary, Europe and outside Europe.

Our main activity includes the distribution of new and used metalworking machines and presses. We operate not only at the domestic level, we are also present in several European countries. We work closely with well-known and reliable European, Asian and overseas companies, and we provide the official Hungarian representation of many of them.

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Mechanikus prések telepítése Jászberényben

600 és 800 tonnás H-állványos mechanikus présgépek telepítése Jászberényben...

Gépáttelepítés Jászberénybe

Nagyasztalos mechanikus présgép 350T áttelepítése Hatvanból Jászberénybe....

Csőhajlítógép beüzemelése, Szarvas

2021. októberében került sor egy xxx típusú csőhajlítógép beüzemelésére Szarvason....

Main Partners

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